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Pre-Order Buttery Caramel


What's not to love?


It's caramel, and made with real ingrediants. This one is good for crushing the occassional indulgence, and even better if shared. Remember to keep your diet mostly fruits and vegetables It's toally ok to add little extra now and then... Or not! Up to you. But if you do, this is a hot drink on a cold day, or a sunset in a bag, or fireworks in the movies!


  • 6.5 oz. bag
  • 6-Pack (6 x 6.5 oz. bag)
  • 12-Pack (12 x 6.5 oz. bag)

Please note: This is a grocery item with an expiration date. We will order and ship when we receive payment. to allow you enough time to enjoy the product.


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Public Less than $50.

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Buttery Caramel

  • $4.99

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