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Caramel Cheddar Mix




This is not a real word. But this popcorn tastes like this word. So, we made it up.


Grab your binoculars or microscope – there are no "fake flavors" in sight on these popped kernals of corn. Eating this popcorn could be easily justifiable because it's so delicious. But in case you missed the newsflashes on nutrition, add an apple to balance your diet. Apples go great with cheddar and caramel. 

To learn more about apples and nothing about crunchycaramelcheesy things, other than that they taste amazing and remove one extra step from jamming the entire Halloween party into your mouth (when no one is watching, unless you are dressed like a great white shark-eating-popcorn-machine) ...see below:


By sharing these links, we do not imply endorsement. These are provided as a public service. Please consult a dietician or medical professional for information and recommendations about your specific caloric needs and nutritional requirements.


  • 6 oz. bag
  • 6-Pack (6 x 6 oz. bag)
  • 12-Pack (12 x 6 oz. bag)

Please note: This is a grocery item with an expiration date. We will order and ship when we receive payment. to allow you enough time to enjoy the product.


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Caramel Cheddar Mix

  • $4.49

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