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Salted Caramel


If you find yourself 'between the devil and the deep blue sea,'

it means you're between two undesirable places.


Freshly popped popcorn and caramel give you two highly desirable tastes and is quite the opposite. 

Way back when wooden ships sailed the seas and sailors explored beaches, their boats required a great deal of cleaning, top to bottom. On the hull, the first plank of the outer keel of a ship was known as the 'devil' because it was hard to clean and repair. Imagine tipping over the large wooden ship onto its side, and scrubbing the 'devil' seam directly in the middle. 

Out at sea, you'd want a clean devil, because the thickness of that plank was the only thing between the seam of your boat and the ocean's depths. 

With just a pinch of artisan sea salt, this perfect, desirable match need not wait til the perfect moment. In fact, grab a handful, and the moment becomes perfect. We think t’s much better to enjoy a handful of popcorn, than to clearn the ‘devil.’  But if you have to clean the ‘devil,’ this is a welcome reward.

Size :

  • 6 oz. bag
  • 6-Pack (6 x 6 oz. bag)
  • 12-Pack (12 x 6 oz. bag)

Please note: This is a grocery item with an expiration date. We will order and ship when we receive payment. to allow you enough time to enjoy the product.


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Salted Caramel

  • $4.49

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