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Affirmators Journal

Affirmators Journal

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Our Affirmators!™ deck is now a supportive journal that helps you self-help yourself.


Thanks to uplifting daily affirmations and unexpected prompts, this powerhouse of positivity will lead you on a  journaling journey to your very best self (or something sort of close to it.). Journaling in this manner reminds you of positive things in your life, and helps you see the glass half full. It really does. So, don't knock over the glass. Or if you do, celebrate the super clean surface you just created by cleaning it up.

  • Cheer-up gifts for unicorn enthusiasts are here!
  • Ever wished you could have the spirit of affirmation cards in a journal? Now you can!
  • Hardcover; 5.75 x 8.25 inches, 128 pages
  • Conceived and written by Suzi Barrett, who is a really interesting actor/writer/journaler, and whose bio is in a Tab below
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