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Amazon Echo ($179) & 1-Month LifeGuard Support ($25)

The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker. It connects to your home through your internet connection (wi-fi).

The Echo uses voice recognition to "listen" to a spoken command, and takes action based on your command.

Using the Alexa Voice Service, the Echo is "listening" all the time (even when music is playing) for a command to:

  • Make a phone call from your address book on your smart phone or in your desktop app
  • Set a reminder on any day of the week
  • Set an alarm in the same day
  • Read a book, from a book-reading program or from youtube
  • Get directions to some place
  • Let you know what's coming up on your Google Calendar
  • Set a TO DO list, and ask for a reminder at a particular time
  • Play music from a music app, or from youtube
  • Report traffic and weather,
  • Ask for information on local businesses
  • Get the latest sports scores and game schedules, 
  • Control your  internet-connected lights, switches, and thermostats
  • Schedule car rides if you're going out
  • Order good food if you're staying in


The Amazon Echo is in the Wave Level: Epic.

It's thrilling surf these Epic waves, and because it takes some practice to get good at doing so, it's ok to ask for help.

MemoryBeach sells all Epic products with a minimum of 1-month LifeGuard support.  You may sign up for more support (3-Months or 6-Months) if you'd like additional help.

If you've purchased your Echo some place else, you can also sign up for LifeGuard support separately.




LifeGuard Call Center Service


With a MemoryBeach LifeGuard, you get the most out of the Echo when you open the box.


  • A MemoryBeach LifeGuard will help you set up your Echo by phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime.


  • A MemoryBeach LifeGuard will help you to customize your Echo commands by choosing the right applications to download to your Amazon account, for the things you want to do.


  • Click Here to set up your product support. Make sure you choose the first option: AMAZON ECHO PRODUCT SUPPORT (INCLUDED).


  • With a 3-month subscription, a MemoryBeach LifeGuard will locate or create 3 custom scripts for you to speak with your Echo; these might be daily reminders for a variety of activities, spoken meditations, cooking instructions for specific dishes you want to make at certain times, turning on and off lights in your Smart Home, or any number of interesting commands possible via the internet.


Looking for Amazon echo facts? Click here for a quick guide saved as a PDF file directly from Amazon.

Click on the Link for Amazon's Set-Up Video: http://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html#first-run-tutorial/AB72C64C86AW2




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Light     These products have certain features that make them easy to remember between uses.

Exciting    These products are interactive, and exciting; they require more effort, for more payoff! 

Epic    These products need set up, passwords, or other support. 

Vacation     No matter what Wave interests you, the Vacation category is always easy



MemoryBeach LifeGuards support all of our products. If you'd like additional help setting up a product, or remembering how to use it, consider a subscription to our 24 x 7 LifeGuard support in the following periods of time: 1 month3 month, and 6 month time frames. 

Your support begins when you order a product from MemoryBeach. We carefully track your order, call you when it arrives, help you set it up, and trouble shoot any problems you have. If you lose your product, we'll help try to find it. If you forget how it works, we'll help you get it working. And, with your permission, we'll call you every week to see if the product is working for you. 


Amazon Echo ($179) & 1-Month LifeGuard Support ($25)

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