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Medium Beach Basket

Medium Beach Basket A La Carte


If you prefer to build your own beach basket, feel free to order a Medium Beach Basket here.

Medium Beach Baskets provide simple instructions to reuse your delivery box for medium purposes. Turn it into a litter box, a box for presents and gifting, or other useful objects... or just have fun displaying your new creation @ home, @ work or @ play. Everyone will ask you where you got it, and you'll say, "I made it!" Or, you'll give the gift and see your special-person's pride when they recreate their own special origami box-o-rama!

Medium sizes are often just right - not too little, and not too big. Our origami options for this box include a host of cool looking, fun creations that both attract attention and blend in. Grab some paint, glitter, or noise makers, and  have yourself a medium beach box party! Strap one on your back and go climb the surface of a frozen waterfall, impressing everyone that you remembered to charge your phone and take a selfie while hanging hundreds of feet from the lake below. Or, put in a soft blanket, and some house critter (bunny, kitty, iguana), might just give you a medium purr of thanks.

Get going, already!


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Medium Beach Basket

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