I Donut Care Beach Towel


I Donut Care – Beach Towel


We like puns. We like walking. What we don’t like is searching for our towel for so long we’d eat a dozen donuts on the way to finding it!

If you’re constantly misplacing your beach towel and like sweets, gaze with sugary longing at this towel, look around to find a landmark, and then walk away slowly imagining that it’s real…

Make sure you look up from the water at least 7 times, note the towel, note the landmarks...and then walk away...as you think of coffee and donuts after you splash around a bit.

All the square towels around yours will be in one pattern, while your big chocolate donut stands out in contrast, helping you to recognize it. What else is at work is how you orient up and down the beach (if that’s where you are), and to landmarks. Make sure you tell yourself that your towel is a landmark, too… so that you place emphasis and importance on remembering where it’s located.

And, remember those other landmarks, too! We like putting our towels near something big and interesting – like the Lifeguard stand. Or a cafe. Or the kitchen beach cafe. You get it. If you like to eat donuts, this towel is for you. What we know about memory is this: the more you like something, the more you’ll be likely to gaze at it, and the more you might remember it. However, on a busy beach, you need to put some effort into it… try to remember local landmarks, associated with how much you love this donut towel. 

Your fun begins doesn’t need to stop when you get out of the water. With the donut towel, you might be in a good place to remember where you put it. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Size : 150 cm of awesomeness I 100 % Cotton

VacationNo matter what Wave interests you, the Vacation category is always easy.
CabanaMore than $50.

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I Donut Care Beach Towel

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