Book_Library Stamp


Book_Library is a design for a Mix & Match Stamp from Three Designing Women.


A Mix & Match Stamp is a called a CLIP, a changeable plate that you can swap in and out of your Three Designing Women stamper, all brought to you by MemoryBeach.

A Mix & Match Stamp is a called a CLIP, a changeable plate that you can swap in and out of your Three Designing Women stamper. Mix & Match clips are pre-designed, and can be used with a Custom Stamper, which comes with one custom design certificate. or a common stamper, which can be purchased separately when you choose a Mix & Match design that you like.

You will love the novelty if you buy more than one Mix & Match Stamp, so that you have a variety of stamps for a variety or projects. 

Purchase a few different colors of ink, and you'll have even more fun and engagement.

Stamps can be much than a sticker, because you're involved in the color, placement, and reason for stamping. 

With a book stamp, someone might find your book in 100 years in a used book store or time capsule, and wonder what intelligent and clever person used this stamp... and your name will be the one on the page. Or, in a more immediate sense, a friend might look at the stamped page and immediately return your book, thanking you again and again, and apologizing for enjoying it so much that she thought it was hers.

Your library is safe when you name your book. After all, didn't this book mean enough that you wanted to have it forever??? Books are like that. Readers are like that, too.

If you can't find time to join a book club, or are just wishing you could discuss your books with someone, try the MemoryBeach LifeGuard Social Chat. Sign up for 15, 30 or 1-hour discussions, and one of our LifeGuards would love to discuss what you've just read. Really. We want to chat with you. 

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Format  /  1.50x1.50 Stamp

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Book_Library Stamp

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