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Cacoon USA

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Cacoon Bonsai

 A Great Place for A Little Space Just like its older siblings, the Cacoons found el..


Cacoon Double

 With A 5.9 ft diameter, plenty of room to pile in! The double Cacoon hanging chair ..


Cacoon Metal Tripod

 Sometimes, One Size Fits All... Our cool, stylish Tripod Stand is designed specific..


Cacoon Single

A diameter of 4.9ft, and endless possibilities The single Cacoon hanging chair is the most ..


Cacoon Songo

Songo (The Dreamer) The Songo is the newest addition to the Cacoon family. The beautiful or..


Cacoon Tree Loop

The Cacoon loves trees and so do we.So, if you're planning to hang your Cacoon from a tree bra..


Cacoon Bug Net

The Cacoon Bug Net keeps Single and Double Cacoons "bug free."We know you like to be soc..


Cacoon Double Door

The Cacoon Double Door fits tightly on your Cacoon outside for privacy. The Cacoon Double D..


Cacoon Single Door

The Cacoon Single Door The Cacoon Single Door fits tightly to create a water barrier, while..