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Cacoon Single Door

The Cacoon Single Door


The Cacoon Single Door fits tightly to create a water barrier, while the generous overlap of canvas keeps out most of what nature can throw at it (including cats and dogs and rabbits and...). For even greater protection, the material rolls underneath the bottom of the Cacoon. The Cacoon Single Door is a wonderful addition if you really need some privacy, so that you can rest. We all know a good nap helps us remember things better, because we wake up with more energy to focus our attention. Rest and sleep also help our minds to consolidate the experiences we’ve just had. 

Just slip the Cacoon Door over the top of your Cacoon that you found on MemoryBeach. The collar holds the Cacoon Door in place at the top, with two simple ties at the foot attaching to the two front eyelets on the outside of your Cacoon. 

When you're not using the Cacoon Door, the cover simply ties to the outside eyelets at the back of your Cacoon. It stays neatly out of your way.


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VacationNo matter what Wave interests you, the Vacation category is always easy.
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CabanaMore than $50.

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Cacoon Single Door

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