Custom Embossers Stamps EMB3015


Haptic memory is a term derived from the Greek word 'hapikos," to perceive or to come into contact with something. It is the type of memory that allows a person to recognize something by the sense of touch. 

Embossers raise the paper or material of whatever you stamp, transforming the design's visual beauty into a more fully interactive experience. For someone with any kind of visual challenges, embossers stimulate new connections and also bring dignity, grace, beauty and texture to social interactions.

Embossers can also create beautiful "reminders" of the person who wrote on stationary, including a return address.  

Embossers also make good choices for monograms, wedding memories, housewarmings, "libraries of...," gifts to friends and loved ones or business associates, and more. 

The design you choose comes with with one embossing plate.

If you'd like to order more than one embossing plate, or an embossing plate without the stamper, please select the CUSTOM EMBOSSING CERTIFICATE product.

Format  /  1.50x1.50 Stamp

LightThese products have certain features that make them easy to remember between uses.
CabanaMore than $50.

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Custom Embossers Stamps EMB3015

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