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Tiny beach chair and umbrella Always easy.   Single blue waveSimple.   Double blue wave More effort. More fun.  Triple blue waveSet up required.


Designed in Prague


The extremely-popular design agency Creative Mints, known for their beautiful and user-orientated graphic style, designed this deck. 


Their latest project, EDGE Playing Cards, produced by the TCC Playing Card Co. brims with an aura of creativity and ingenuity.


The design is all but a simple array of colorful shapes that have been organized into a graphically pleasing pattern that just feels right. 


From the Art of Play (quite an endoresment here): “Every single card in EDGE has been designed from the ground-up and the court cards are some of our favorite to date.”


Some of you may be wondering how cards and memory work together: you can draw from your long-term procedural memory (of which you can be entirely unaware), to play a game, and you’ll need short-term working memory to hold card faces in your memory long enough to compare them, and some short-term memory to think a few plays back, as well as prospective memory to plan your hands a few plays forward… in other words, card play is both simple and light, as well as exciting and fun.


We’ve classified all of our cards in the Exciting Wave, because these products are interactive, and exciting; they require more effort, for more payoff! If the effort isn’t known to the person because they perhaps are not able to retain the current play in their memory long enough to know they have played a hand (but can still draw on their procedural memories from their long-term storage to look as if they are playing just as before)… play away! Like any game, there are rules, of course. But at times, just playing is enough. And the people with whom we play – if they accept us as we are – will allow for variations in this game and any other.


Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. Found on MemoryBeach.

ExcitingThese products are interactive, and exciting; they require more effort for more payoff!
PublicLess than $50.

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EDGE Playing Cards

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