Awesome Citation

It’s Awesome to be Awesome.


And it’s even more awesome to be told you’re awesome. Issue this declaration of awesomeness to an awesome person to express feelings of amazement or admiration. Your assistance to awesomeness brought to you by MemoryBeach


We bet what you didn’t know about this little note is how it helps a person practice balancing the natural negative slant of our minds toward the positive, and in doing so, helps them practice balancing how they respond to stress. 


Yep, that’s right. And we’re going to boild down interpersonal neurobiology into a few quick soundbites. When you practice seeing the good, and we mean, REALLY practice… start with oxygen. Breathe. That’s good. Now move to something else: a sip of coffee. A flower’s color. A friend’s smile. Practice seeing, really letting in the good. Let the good settle into your bones. And now, read your awesome citation. Again and again. And then… give one! It’s waiting right here for you. It’s a tool of happiness.


Want to do that for someone else? Especially at home, work or school? Or maybe someone you’ve barely just met, or who did you a good deed? Want to be that person who brings the good?


Here you go, awesome person: interpersonal neurobiology. Grow the good. It helps balance that other stuff that shows up uninvited. Trust us on this: there’s a whole lotta science behind practicing seeing the experience you’d like to see more of… it’s there, waiting for you. Send this little note. Why wait?


  • If we say “awesome” one more time, you’ll never forget the title of these fun notepads
  • Guaranteed to make someone’s day
  • 4 x 5.25 inches, 50 sheets


Resources for practicing good things? Head over to Rick Hanson’s website (PNT), ( – with whom we have no commercial relationship, except for studying with him. He smiles like a summer’s day, and he knows what he’s talking about.

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Awesome Citation

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