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Latex Travel Clothesline


Grip - don't Gripe - About Wet Clothes


With a durable triple-braided design that grips clothing without the use of clothespins, this latex clothesline is perfect for everything from camping and traveling to home use.  

The adjustable latex tubing stretches up to 6 feet, accommodating a variety of locations, including bathrooms, cars, and campsites. The Velcro straps can be wrapped around fixtures such as shower heads, hooks, window latches, door knobs, towel bars, and more, and the included suction cups allows it to be attached to walls and shower stalls.  

It’s great for items like wet swimsuits or towels after a day at the beach or water park. You can also use it at home in the bathtub when you have clothes that need to be line dried.

Similarly, if you’re on the road, you don’t want to bring every single piece of clothing you own, but you also don’t want to spend all your Vacation Wave money on laundromats. When you hand wash your clothes, this will allow them to air dry in your hotel while you go out and explore.

Clothespins and safety pins also often leave indentations in clothing, but this clothesline won’t leave any marks on your garments.

When you’re done, you can simply store it inside its compact nylon pouch so it’s ready for your next adventure. The convenient carabiner can be attached to your backpack or camping gear so you have easy access to it.

This flexible clothesline allows you to effortlessly dry your clothes whether you’re hand washing at home or abroad, or simply need a place to put your wet swimsuit after a day on the water.

• Triple-braided design grips clothing without clothespins
• Latex tubing stretches to 6ft
• Adjustable straps attach to towel bars, showerheads, hooks, doorknobs, window latches, etc.
• Includes suction cups for attachment to shower stalls and walls

Weight:2.0 Ounces

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PublicLess than $50.

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Latex Travel Clothesline

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