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MemoryBeach LifeGuards






Start A LifeGuard Affiliate Club


  • LifeGuards provide support for any product regardless of where you bought it.

  • Our LifeGuards are able to find multiple ways to help remind you of how to use the things you've purchased & to get the most out of them.



  • LifeGuards provide Social Chat, a service where you sign up for you or a loved one to chat in increments of 30 minutes.

  • Our LifeGuards are vetted & trained to provide a friendly, fun experience by sharing news, tips, and other information you find interesting. 



LifeGuard Affliliate Club (LAC) Membership 


Form a group of 5 people or more

for exclusive discounts.


In development.


Check back soon for the Portal Opening


Here you'll find exclusive offers from MemoryBeach negotiated through your efforts or your employer, or both, to support your work in watching out for others and helping them enjoy life. 

It takes a village to care for someone. We recognize that we are all part of micro-communities in supporting our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Let’s leverage your buying power to support what you are hoping to help yourself, and others, remember.