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LifeGuard Epic Product Support 1-Month Free



MemoryBeach LifeGuards support all of our products. 


Your receive : 1 month LifeGuard support package with your purchase of any Epic Wave product.


Feel free to add extra support in 3 month, and 6 month time frames.


Your support begins when you order a product from MemoryBeach. We carefully track your order, call you when it arrives, help you set it up, and trouble shoot any problems you have. If you lose your product, we'll help try to find it. If you forget how it works, we'll help you get it working.

And, with your permission, we'll call you when you ask us to see if the product is working for you. And, you can always call us instead.

Wave Type
EpicThese products need set up, passwords, or other support.
Beach Type
PublicLess than $50.
CabanaMore than $50.

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Vacation     No matter what Wave interests you, the Vacation category is always easy

Light     These products have certain features that make them easy to remember between uses.

Exciting    These products are interactive, and exciting; they require more effort, for more payoff! 

Epic    These products need set up, passwords, or other support. 

LifeGuard Epic Product Support 1-Month Free

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