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When someone has a life of memories, it’s not always possible to access them. We look for ways to spark a moment, a reflection, a cue of sorts, that are fun for all parties. Use your imagination to get to a better outcome for each encounter, and the feelings of loss can sometimes lessen, as you both create a new memory together that is captured in an actual co-created piece of art.


Below we’ve found ways for you to create stamps, and we’ve featured a few here with an array of stunning inks in easy-to-use and easy-to-switch 1” containers of color. We’ve also included ways to create coloring pages from your actual photos. And, for those who are unable to see well, or unable to hear well (often co-occuring as some of us struggle to capture new information from our worlds), we’ve tried to find interesting ways to create the next wonderful moment.


We’ve also included a few things you might like yourself – like a battery charger that’s powerful enough to keep your phone AND you laptop charged. This is really useful is you find yourself helping a parent with a medical appointment and you have to get some work done. We’ve added some other fun things, like food storage, because maybe you feel stressed from shopping often for your own immediate loved ones AND your parents (in their own place). Well, buy yourself a little more time, and keep that food fresher – LONGER. Fresher food? Less shopping? More time. Got it?


There can still be wonder, and wonderful, and it’s within reach in this collection. You love your parents. You love your time. Avoid one thing: the conflict. Embracing your parents is a bit easier if you resent them less. Go ahead, and admit it. then find your joy again with us on MemoryBeach.


xoxo – we get it – 


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