Remind Me To Eat

Remind Me To Eat

Cues to Shop, To Prepare, To Eat, & To Smile


Memory requires cues. Memory is not just "one thing." A cue is something that triggers a memory, or an association, which you've stored somewhere in one part of your larger memory systems.  Your long-term, declarative memory system, which contains all the words, episodes of your life, and knowledge about things... also stores information about what you like to eat. 


To store, or recall, declarative memories about foods, things we like to make with them, and what to buy when shopping, we recommend another helpful ingrediant: humor. Humor is a positive emotion. It provides an essential element for memories to be stored, and retrieved. 


Our helpful "cues" from Knock Knock Stuff make shopping easier, engaging, and fun... and more memorable. Transform an ordinary, routine task into a pleasant moment, and remember the things on your shopping list.


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