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Exciting Wave Beach Basket


Exciting Wave Beach Basket


Products in our Exciting Wave category are perfect for someone who likes to enage with their products, and put a little effort into using them for more payoff! These products require more attention, and deliver more of “you” to “you.” In other words, if you’re interested in “doing you,” than Exciting Wave Products both draw you out, as well as give back. People find these products, well, so exciting to use, that after a little practice, they are a breeze. 

Choose from our selections below. The discount for each Beach Basket bundle is listed in the sub-total in the bottom of each cart.

Exciting Wave is just like what it sounds: exciting These products “cue us”  to keep us using them the right way and keep us so engaged, that we remember how to use them without even realizing we’re practicing.


Each MemoryBeach Beach Basket box comes with an origami pattern specially suited to that particular Wave.


This origami pattern allows you to reuse the Beach Basket box, so that you can turn your delivery box into something special.


A % of proceeds from each Beach Basket sale pays for the printed cardboard origami box and a donation to an enviornmental organization focused on cleaning up our beaches.


For a list of organzations MemoryBeach supports, please click here.

ExcitingExciting products require a little more effort, for more pay off!
PublicLess than $50.
CabanaMore than $50.

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Exciting Wave Beach Basket

  • $3.00

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