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COVID-19 >Six Feet Apart

Posted by nancyp 03/26/2020 0 Comment(s)

We learn something new about Covid-19, or the novel coronavirus, every week. As of April 15, 2020, it appears to travel more than 6 feet when someone coughs, and it dies with disinfection. Please see more information at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  When it is live, it is transferred between and among people and can prove deadly. We are living in a time when reminders help us stay safe. Here are a few to keep you and your family well:


1. Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soapy water, and scrub your hands thoroughly, before and after you go out, and after contact with others. If going outside to the store, wear gloves if possible, or use hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes. 


2. Limit exposure to a small network of people you know, and keep your interactions brief. Do not shake hands. If sheltering at home, do not visit anyone you can support some other way. Stay 6 feet away from people in public. For guidance, please feel free to refer to this graphic.


3. Do NOT touch your face, mouth, eyes or nose. These are the areas of transmission of the virus. Wear a mask you make yourself to help remind you to keep your hands away from your face.


4. Keep your surface areas in your home clean such as countertops, handles, high traffic home areas, clean with disinfectants (wipes, vinegar and bleach-based solutions as tolerated).


5. Avoid crowds, and seek safe ways to access fresh air, light exercise, and nutritional foods.


6. If you or someone in your home is isolating, please visit the CDC for guidelines as to how to limit your exposure to your family members. 


If you are experiencing any symptoms, such as shortness of breath, please contact your physician, medical provider, and/or call 911.


Together, if we remember these rules, we can stay healthy, safe, and supportive to our front-line care givers and medical professionals, and our families.

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