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Why Personalize A Gift? It's Scientific

Posted by admin 08/02/2020 0 Comment(s) Gift Ideas,

When we try to find products and affiliations with other companies, we look for relationships with memory. We learned, for example, from psychological research that people move to cities where they might share the same name or similar letters, and also be attrached to a partner with a similar name or similar letters in their name. Jozef Nuttin (1933–2014) was a Belgian psychologist who called this finding the name-letter effect, which is used to explain why people named Virginia like to live in Virginia Beach (read more here). So if you're looking for a gift that will truly please someone, it's a good idea to try to personalize an object. Memory works best when we attach a strong, positive emotion to something. Personalizing an object takes advantage of our innate ability to like our own initials and names. MemoryBeach sells custom stamps and embossers because we want to help people remember things - like lending out their books, or sending personal and artistic invitations. We know this act of creation is stimulating, brings joy, and helps create wonderful memories. For objects with persoanlization that will most likely please your friends and loved ones, our affiliate A Gift Personalized takes care of all the rest and has a wide range fo products sure to please AND help people remember important things!


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