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3 Useful Memory Tips

Posted by nancyp 07/28/2020 0 Comment(s)

We've all forgotten to pick someone, something up at one time or another. 3 useful memory tips can help you out. 1. Write, write, write, write. When you write down a note to yourself and then later cross it off, this is shown to still be the most effective way to remember a simple task in the future. Actors write in long hand to remember their lines. 2. Say it out loud.Your mind listens to itself. So when you talk out loud, you hear yourself in two ways - inside and outside your mind, creating a hearing loop that reinforces memory. 3. Sleep. At the end of the day, review what's next. When you wake up, refreshed, you'll be more likely to remember your daily tasks and daily someone, or something, pick ups.

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