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Take a Nap

Posted by admin 07/26/2020 0 Comment(s) Thinking Concepts,

Everyone is looking for ways to be healthy. One of the most imporant, underlying and ready ways is to sleep. How can you get a good night's sleep? Maybe you're the type who can. Many can't. So instead of worrying about your 6-8 hours and how to sleep interrupted, you have one tool available to you that builds integrative health in your body: the nap. Go ahead and rest. When you nap, 2 important things happen: 1. After any type of mental effort, especially involved in learning, napping helps the mind consolidate the memories you just tried to make. The mind will link the new information, which is pulsing thru your mind in waves, to existing information. Doing so requires you to nap, so that you're not overloading yourself with too much stimulation and interfering with that process. 2. Naps take you away from stress, which can be heightened during your day. Avoiding stress and the resulting hormones, such as cortisol, allows your entire system to relax, reenergize, and recharge. When rested, you are more alert, and less fatigued, making new learning even more possible. Naps can't replace regular deep sleep at night, but for those times when a nap helps you form memories upon which you can rely, they are excellent ways to weave your day's lessons into your daily routines.

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