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3 Month Pre-Pay MemoryBeach Box™ Subscription


Let us choose items for you.


On  MemoryBeach. Our team of highly educated retail experts use a human-factor approach to choosing those products that are well designed to work with your memory.  We will talk with you first to determine what items you might like, and then set you up to receive 3 boxes in a row… evenly spaced as you wish, and full of exciting things to help your memory. 

OPTIONAL – Perhaps you’d like to send 3 boxes as a gift? If you like, we will call the person who receives a box, and ask them, “How did you like your items?” and ensure each item is well explained. We also ask, “What would you like next time?” so that we can continue to curate our offerings with what people really like, use, and may want to try. 

  • We record that call and send it to the person receiving the box: that way, if they need reminders, they can listen to the call.
  • We also send the call to a “trusted other,” so that the trusted person can help with the item, if needed.

LifeGuards take note!  All of our products are classified in Waves, from Vacation to Epic. Learn more about Waves here

LightThese products have certain features that make them easy to remember between uses.
ExcitingThese products are interactive, and exciting; they require more effort, for more payoff!
EpicThese products need set up, passwords, or other support.
VacationNo matter what Wave interests you, the Vacation category is always easy.
PublicLess than $50
CabanaMore than $50

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Tiny beach chair and umbrellaEasy   Single blue waveSimple    Double blue wave More effort    Triple blue waveSet up req'd.

3 Month Pre-Pay & Save

  • $78.00

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