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Pre-Order Milk Chocolaty Peanut Butter

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Snack like an emporer


In the time of Napoleon (1799-1850), merchant ships feared getting attacked by pirates and privateers. The owners of the merchant ships painted their own hulls (bottoms) to look as if they had cannons, just like naval war ships. The merchants hoped that this deception would at least result in near-sighted thieves sailing away, as opposed to sailing closer and robbing them. Clever, no?

Angie's Milk Chocolaty Peanut Butter popcorn is wonderful, satisfying, and delicious, and also "masquerades" as healthy. It's indulgent. It's tasty, But this is MemoryBeach, and we're NOT trying to mislead you. We know you're clever, and we're hoping you read the small print!  

If you want a healthy snack, go grab an apple. If you're looking to indulge, just a little bit, this flavor combination is, like a cannon, BOOM! Splashy & spectacular.


  • 5.5 oz. bag
  • 6-Pack (6 x 5.5 oz. bag)
  • 12-Pack (12 x 5.5 oz. bag)


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PublicLess than $50.

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Milk Chocolaty Peanut Butter

  • $4.99

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