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New The Ocean Riser™ by MemoryBeach

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The Ocean Riser™ by MemoryBeach


Exclusive to MemoryBeach, The Ocean Riser™ by MemoryBeach, entrant in the 2019 Innovation by Design Award by Fast Company magazine, brings your laptop experience to a new level, literally. Rise up and meet the day’s challenge with our Ocean Riser, knowing your product purchase contributes to helping the environment by using on-demand 3D printing and recyclable materials.


A seamless combination of form, function and lightweight portability give your laptop computer or tablet a beautiful lift, and may lift your spirits and attention level, too. A just over 11” x 6.5”, when assembled, it is ultra-portable and slightly smaller than a piece of copy paper.


Designed by a 3-person team (psychologist, scuba diver, & pilot), we have attempted to combine memory support, conservation of the oceans, recycling, innovative design, portability and lifestyle into one, lightweight riser. A reminder of the need to care for our warming planet and oceans, the Ocean Riser by MemoryBeach (patent pending) represents!


With your laptop flat, your eyes naturally move down, and your spine follows. Studies show that repeated hunching, craning, slouching postures may contribute to poor health, and may also communicate to your body that you are, in fact, feeling a low mood. Poor posture may also lead to upper body arm and hand pain. The Ocean Riser is designed to help elevate the head and neck, so that your posture and spine align as they were meant to do. Opening up lungs, creating blood flow, and generating better alertness: the Ocean Riser delivers height in a horizontal world.


After more than 40 prototypes, the Ocean Riser now comprises of two distinct, interlocking pieces: a stylized U-Shaped base and a rectangular, vertical stand with rounded edges. These two pieces slide together with two different height slots, which determine your elevation level (a low of 3 inches (7.62 cm), to a maximum elevation of 3.5 inches (8.89 cm). Gravity and balanced angles do the rest, assuring your laptop is grounded and stable.


Inspired by the MemoryBeach’s name and dedication to the environment in all that we do, the vertical stand is beautifully stylized with a cut-out ocean wave design that creates visual movement.




More Ocean Riser images here.



  • Assembled: Thickness 7”/16” (1.11 cm)
  • Size: 11” (28 cm) long x 6.5” (16.51 cm) wide
  • Weight: Approximately 8 oz.
  • Materials: Currently recyclable PLA;  recycled Fishing Nets (coming soon)


Order your Ocean Riser by MemoryBeach Co today. Corporate customization available. Please alllow 4 weeks for delivery. We print each Ocean Riser upon demand. The Ocean Riser polylactic acid (PLA) material should not be put in the hot sun or it will bend/melt and lose its integrity. PLA can be recyled easily because it is made from a biodegradable thermoplastic from renewable resources like cornstarch or sugar cane. Please contact your local authority to find your PLA drop off points, or send your Ocean Riser back to MemoryBeach Co and we will grind it up, and make another Ocean Riser! 


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The Ocean Riser™ by MemoryBeach

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