Ocean Riser™ Collector Prints


The Ocean Riser™

Single Collector Prints


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These are pre-printed, one of a kind prints, that will not be printed again.


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  • Assembled: Thickness 7”/16” (1.11 cm)
  • Size: 11” (28 cm) long x 6.5” (16.51 cm) wide
  • Weight: Approximately 8 oz.
  • Materials: Currently recyclable polylactic acid (plant starch)

Order your Ocean Riser by MemoryBeach Co today. Corporate customization available. We typically print each Ocean Riser upon demand. The Ocean Riser polylactic acid (PLA) material should not be put in the hot sun or it will bend/melt and lose its integrity. PLA can be recyled easily by the manufacturer because it is made from a biodegradable thermoplastic from renewable resources like cornstarch or sugar cane. Please contact your local authority to find your PLA drop off points, or send your Ocean Riser back to MemoryBeach Co and we will grind it up, and make another OceanRiser! 

VacationThese products have certain features that makes them easy to remember between uses.
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Ocean Riser™ Collector Prints

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