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Looking for Productivi(tea)?


Rise up! Take Your Desk +

Coffee + Desk + All Kinds of Thinking/Working/Meeting Essentials


If the thought of being in your favorite coffee shop still excites you, recreate that feeling at home to be more focused and work harder.


While you are sinking into the good cafe-vibe, you may want to draw attention to how good your spine feels when you are also more alert.


In the collection below, find many things that suit your home coffee shop and cafe experiences.


We’re here to ehlp you make sure that home cafe vibe results in something good.


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Action Items

 The Action Pad Helps You Prioritize This ACTION pad lets you list and priorit..


Bolt² - Portable Battery & Wall Charger

 BOLT2: Power 2 Devices – Grab & Go Bolt2 is there for you as a back ..



 Z50 PORTABLE SPEAKER Every so often, we want a wire. Go ahead, admit it, you’..



 Sleek set up in under 30 seconds Crafted from nearly 1-inch thick (18mm) sust..


The Ocean Riser™ by MemoryBeach New

The Ocean Riser™ by MemoryBeach

 The Ocean Riser™ Working from home on your laptop? It’s time to #riseup! Excl..


Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger_Luminaid PackLite

 The PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone ChargerA solar inflatable lantern & phone charger ..


Raised Eco-Friendly Laptop (Riser) Stand

 A laptop riser that creates strengthMade in London's trendy Shoreditch neighbor..


Laptop Stand

 Heads up, Even WIth Your Laptop Humbleworks's puzzle-piece laptop stand can g..


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