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Anti-Slip Gels

Anti-Slip Gels



Anti-slip gels are made of stickable material. When washed, they act like new.


Find interesting ways to remember things by putting them in your visual field, which then "cues" you to pick up an object, remember an appointment, find something easily, or orient to whatever you're sticking! 


People in RVs and other kinds of moving vehicles (like ships or ...drones, anyone?) love the pads, which allow them to keep objects out on surfaces rather than having to put them away when in motion. People with any kind of hand tremor also like to use the pads, which they place on trays. Carry the tray with confidence. The pad will hold the glass or mug more spills!


Fixate gel pas are also useful for hiding things you don't want to see. Replace tape, screws, nails, and other more permanent sticking solutions.


Below is Fixate's early funding video, which shows multiple uses for the pads.



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