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LifeGuards at MemoryBeach


Like any kind of lifeguard on a beach, MemoryBeach LifeGuards look out for you.


MemoryBeach LifeGuards perform 3 special tasks, outlined below.


LifeGuards support your experience in our website. LifeGuards are available when we use Live Chat! We try to use ANY communication channel that you wish. Contact us! Call us: 888-912-3224, 888-91-BEACH! Weexplore new ways of using technology to reach you and to help you navigate MemoryBeach.com and The Guide!



    • LifeGuards provide Social Chat, a service where you sign up for you or a loved one to chat in increments of 30 or 60 minutes.

    • Our LifeGuards are trained to provide a friendly, fun experience by sharing news, tips, and other information you find interesting. Social Chat is a subscription service, like a health club, where you have a regular delivery of talk.



    • LifeGuards provide MemoryBeach LifeGuard Product Support with 1-month, 3-month and 6-month subscriptions.

    • If you buy a product elsewhere and would still like to purchase a support package, we will sell that to you as long as we also carry that product on MemoryBeach.

    • Anyone signing up will be a guest member of  the LifeGuard Affiliate Club for that subscription periodwhere you receive points for any purchases, redeemable for gifts, social chat time, or other special rewards. Learn more below!

  • LIFEGUARD AFFILIATE CLUB: $99/year for 1 to 5 members
    • A standard 15% off on all purchases above $500 for the group (up to 5 people in each group), and even greater discounts for 1-product purchases at higher volumes.

    • Free shipping starting at $50, not at $100.

    • Fresh ideas exclusively mailed to you to help you care for yourself, and others, PLUS a monthly call with MemoryBeach's founder, Nancy Picard, Ph.D.

    • Amazing deals on fashion-inspired MemoryBeach LifeGuard athletic and workout gear; you think you won't want it, you might not "need it," but you'll be glad you have it.

    • Occasional suprise gifts, because we want to show you that we care

    • Full LifeGuard support on all products from our call center for 6 months. That's right - 6 full  months. 

    • Exclusive previews of Guide games.

    • Exclusive invitations to take part in product testing, product and service experiments, and brainstorming ways to help you achieve your goals with and for others. When MemoryBeach comes to town, you'll be the first to know, and we'll invite you to come out and meet us at locations, tradeshows, lunches, dinners, and other events.

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