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Ever forget the fruits in the back of the fridge? Or ever forget bread in the bin?


Only to find later that you're encouraging mold instead of your-next-best-strawberry moment? That grilled cheese you imagined... wasn't green. Right?


FreshPaper is just that - paper. Infused with organic spices, the paper helps keep fruits, vegetables, & bread mold-free and edible for longer. These products are great if you're someone who hates to see food wasted.


Maybe you're shopping for someone who doesn't eat a great deal, or who needs to be reminded to check food that has spoiled.


FreshPaper was designed to keep your produce and bread fresh, without resorting to glass containers or any other hassle. Drop Fresh Paper into an existing packaging, the fridge drawer, or in a fruit bowl. 


When you're done, compost the paper, as you would with any leftover fruits, veggies or organic matter. 



Consumer Reports magazine reported in 2013 that they tested FreshPaper, compared with putting fruit in heavy glass, airtight containers. You can watch it here and read about it here.  



People with allergic reactions to fenugreek should not use this product.

Fenugreek and peanuts are both members of the legume family and may provoke cross-reactions.  

Those with a peanut allergy should ask your doctor before using FreshPaper.

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