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Pizza Towel

The Pizza Towel


  • The round pizza beach towel makes it possible to have a large pizza all to yourself during beach-body season.
  • It fits two people. Now you and your friend can help look for your beach towels!
  • It’s likely that a round towel might stick out a bitter better than a square one, helping you to locate it.
  • Tan friendly. No more adjusting your towel to the sun, just adjust yourself
  • All the square towels around yours will be in one pattern, while your towel just might stand out in contrast to someone having a kale salad, helping you to recognize it.
  • What else is at work is how you orient up and down the beach (if that’s where you are), and to landmarks. Make sure you tell yourself that your towel is a landmark, too… so that you place emphasis and importance on remembering where it’s located.
  • And, remember those other landmarks, too! We like putting our towels near something big and interesting – like the Lifeguard stand.
  • Your fun in the water continues when you remember where you were when you come out of the water!
  • Wear sunscreen! That makes you look even better on the Pizza Babe

Size : 150 cm of awesomeness I 100 % Cotton

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VacationNo matter what Wave interests you, the Vacation category is always easy.
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CabanaMore than $50.

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Pizza Towel

  • $56.95

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