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Sails, Ships, & Other Trips


One great way to enjoy the world is to see it from the deck of a sailing ship. Find travel options below that help you remember all the important things you need to pack, as well as how to live "aboard' while "abroad" from your normal routines at home.


Below, we've put together some individual items, as well as some "bundles" for you to order before you take your trip. They'll be waiting for you in your stateroom when you board, to help you stay organized, manage your money and ID, and also take pictures underwater, stay cool, and have fun!



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Bolt² Pre-Order


BOLT2 combines a backup battery and wall charger to give you the ultimate freedom with your devices...


Coastal_Seas The Day

Coastal_Seas The Day is a design for a Mix & Match Stamp from Three Designing Women.  ..


Floating Waterproof Zip Pouch

Whether you’re headed to the beach, going on your first whitewater rafting trip, or simply nee..



You have to remember one thing about the weather: It will change.   To provide a long-las..


Pack This

Pack & Remember   Whether you’re coming or going, the remedy for pretrip chaos ..



PillSuite - Complete Personal Pill Pack System   PillSuite is a revolutionary product tha..


RFID-Blocking Luxe Neck Stash

Designed with special RFID-blocking material that blocks unwanted scans, this luxe neck stash contai..


The Chella

The Chella Bohemian round beach towel with black fringe. It fits two people. Now you and bae on..


The Coral Cone

It fits two people. Now you and bae only have to pack one towel. (Bae= dog, cat, best friend.) ..


The Flower Child

It fits two people. Now you and bae only have to pack one towel. (Bae= dog, cat, best friend.) ..


The Nautical Pineapple

Lay out and chill out on the tropical round pineapple beach towel with navy blue fringe It fits..


ReallyColor Coloring Pages: 10 Photo Credits

  ReallyColor offers customized coloring pages from your photos! What a great idea when ..


Sweet & Salty Deli Bag

If you're looking for a small snack with variety built in, you may enjoy BOOMCHICKAPOP Sweet &am..


Fixate Circle

Stickable Gel Pads by Fixate™ have a large surface area which makes them: strong,&nb..