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Social Chat

Social Chat

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Social Chat is a MemoryBeach LifeGuard live service.


Social Chat is helpful for enjoying social time talking with a LifeGuard about your interests, for check-ins, and for reminding you to keep appointments or other useful information. 


You can sign yourself or someone else up for regular 1:1 conversations with a MemoryBeach LifeGuard.


  • For the first $25, we interview you for things you like to talk about: sports, family, hobbies, politics, or any other topic you'd like to discuss.
  • We use the internet to access to thousands of topics, and will prepare or your call, keeping careful notes of what you like to discuss.
  • You might not get the same LifeGuard each time we call, but we will keep careful notes about what you like.
  • Each LifeGuard is specially trained and prepared to carry on a fun conversation.


Social Chat can also be used as a reminder service.


Sign up with your name for socila chat, and add the name & contact information of a person you trust. 


Or, sign up someone else, and add your name as the "trusted other" on the account.


This page allows you to set up your first Social Chat for a $25 initiation fee. You won't pay this fee again. This fee is to determine who we will be chatting with, what topics to discuss, and what to do in case we need to contact the "trusted" other person on the account. All social chat calls are recorded. If you wish to receive the recording, we will also set up a system to send you the recording of the social chat, so that you can listen again to what was discussed. 


Schedule Appointment



When we have our first appointment, we will set up follow up phone calls in 30-minute increments on the day of the week and the time you'd like to chat.

In addition:

  • We can monitor your calendar if you share it with us.
  • We can set up a shared calendar online with you and loved ones, where we have access to information you'd like to be called about.
  • We can call the Trusted Person on your account, if we attempt to reach you and you don't answer.


You might want to chat a little, or a lot. Signing up for Social Chat helps keep people connected and on-track with their lives. 


Social Chat questions? Call us at 888-91-BEACH (888-912-3224) or click on the LIFE RING icon at the bottom left of this page.


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