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Learn about memory, and receive free gifts. Conditions apply!


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May 1, 2021 – August 1, 2021


Like exploring? Interested in research? Receive gifts to help your memory and a thank you payment ($15) when you join a research study.





We developed The Guide because we realized that people fear learning about their memory and how it works.


We all rely upon our memory systems.


Too often, out of fear, people then avoid “knowing” what will work best to help their memory. And, as a result, they avoid learning how to remember better.


We believe our memory game,The Guide, is one fun solution to helping you learn about your memory, get a result, and then receive personalized recommendations for how to help your memory work better.


We’ve partnered with other researchers in the field of memory and technology to help us learn more and create The Guide



If you’d like to play The Guide as part of a research study, please click this link and we’ll contact you.



At no times will your information be sold or used for marketing purposes. If you’d like to receive any regular updates from MemoryBeach for any products we keep in stock or affiliations with manufacturers, you’ll be able to do so when you register. However, this is NOT automatic and we do not store or sell your information. 


Research Info

  • All registered research participants (registered users) will be asked to sign consent forms, which will be separated and stored in an account separate from their identity.
  • All registered users will be able to access results.
  • The full consent form will be sent to all registered users. 
  • The primary researcher of the studies of the Guide is Dr. Nancy M. Picard, a psychologist licensed in the State of Illinois.




Individual Registered Users

  • For 1 year from enrollment and upon completion of playing The Guide games 3 different times, registered users will receive a free gift every month.
  • And the end of playing The Guide, each registered user will receive $5 up to $15.
  • Those registered users who complete the study will receive 40% off any MemoryBeach product under $99.
  • All registered users who complete the study will receive free shipping on all purchases.


Groups of Registered Users

  • For groups of 15 people, each registered user will receive the above benefits.
  • The administrator of the group will receive $100.
  • The administrator will also receive a one-time voucher worth $200 to use on any MemoryBeach product.