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Pre-Order Toroflux - A Toy For Adults

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Tiny beach chair and umbrella Always easy.   Single blue waveSimple.   Double blue wave More effort. More fun.  Triple blue waveSet up required.


Toroflux: For Your Inner Spinning Universe


Want to be reminded of the circle of life that forms our galaxy? Here on MemoryBeach, we do. This mesmerizing metal flow toy can be manipulated in beautiful and surprising ways.


Tap the stack of metal rings, and be amazed as they pop open into a three dimensional, kinetic sculpture. By having your fingers touch each other and through momentum, Toroflux will propel down your arm and gracefully transfer itself to your other arm.


Roll the toroflux down a stick, rope to create the illusion of a metal soap bubble. The visual effect is truly magical. Constructed from a single strand of stainless steel.


Carrying bag included.


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Toroflux - A Toy For Adults

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  • Brand: Art of Play
  • Product Code: AP-14
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  • $15.00

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