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Memory is not one thing: It's a system. There are hundreds of different specialized cells, supported by other body systems, that make up the human mind: those involved in senses, movement, and thoughts and emotions all interact to create your memories. Specialized areas of who you are, in essence, can be affected by sleep, medication, what you eat and drink, as well as your incredible design and how it works as one.


We offer one truth per week for you to ponder where we apply the science of memory to practical life: the "so what" of science revealed with one or two thoughts. Welcome to The Truth Bandage.


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Give & Re-Ceive

Give & Re-Ceive

Nancy 02/05/2019 0
To receive, means re- (back) + take. To take back. If you're feeling as if you aren't loved, if you're feeling lonely, and if you're feeling as if things are out of balance... remember: love first. Then, receive....