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Pre-Order Vintage Plaid Playing Cards

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The Vintage Playing Cards: Hyper-Vintage


The Vintage Plaid playing cards have become a staple in every card collection, and has been highly sought after since we sold out years ago. Ah, memory. How many car trips? How many fights in the back seat? How many days on the road with no gadgets and only your sibling, or pet, or dog, or yourself… playing cards. Bring it on back… wait a minute. Really? That nostalgic? Cool. Here goes.


Inspired by camping trips as children, each card pays homage to the great outdoors that were part of the to and fro. Art of Play is nostalgic, but they also have style and design considerations now that they are adults: while the original Vintage Plaids hold a special place in their hearts, their new updated design is really something to behold.


Each colorway features a brand new letterpress-printed and embossed tuck box complete with gold-lettering, and all-around printing within. Not only has Art of Play recreated the box, but they’ve gone a step further and created an all new Ace of Spades along with four unique Jokers (two for each deck). GO ON! Yes!!!! 


Additionally, the face-cards have been updated with an all new typeface that adds a sleek component to the decks already rugged yet refined feel. This is no ordinary trip back in time. This is a sophisticated homage to every workshirt ever stitched, every bandana ever worn, and every seat cover ever… well, you get the idea. These cards need to be with you somehow to evoke those good old days, and to make these good old days even better.


Precisely printed by The United States Playing Card Company on Art of Play's trademark thin stock, and a premium finish for superior handling, just like handling a fishing rod.


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Vintage Plaid Playing Cards

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