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Wisteria 3012J Printed Paper Collection

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Tiny beach chair and umbrella Always easy.   Single blue waveSimple.   Double blue wave More effort. More fun.  Triple blue waveSet up required.

The Wisteria Collection -2 from Three Designing Women


Beautiful Notecards in this lovely Wisteria Collecation are ready for stamping your own personal design in a wide variety of formats:

  • Folded Notecards - envelopes in Clear Box
  • Folded Notecards - envelopes in Hanging Bag
  • Bottle Tags
  • Hanging Gift Tags
  • 4 x 6 Recipe Cards
  • 3 x 3 Stickers

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LightThese products have certain features that make them easy to remember between uses.
PublicLess than $50.

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Wisteria 3012J Printed Paper Collection

  • $34.50

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