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You've Got This- Notepad

Let Someone Know: You’ve Got This. You Really Do.


At any given time, someone in your orbit is facing a challenge—and quietly (or not so quietly) freaking out. We know about that sort of stuff on MemoryBeach


Whether the challenge is super (new job!), sucky (deadline!), or both (blind date!), let the troupers in your life know they’re good to go.

  • Funny office gifts work for major—and minor—life events!
  • Great for a friend who maybe just got some tough news, or is facing a big challenge.
  • Terrific for keeping someone focused on the goal ahead, however big or small.
  • Notepads: the easiest way to offer support
  • 4 x 5.25 inches, 50 sheets
LightThese products have certain features that make them easy to remember between uses.
PublicLess than $50.

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You've Got This- Notepad

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