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The Guide


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What is The Guide?

The Guide is a series of four really fun games. Play The Guide and receive a score, which "guides" you to products and services you might enjoy on MemoryBeach. Or, play The Guide just for fun, to see how you like jokes, pictures, simple math or other types of puzzles we offer for your enjoyment. 

What is a Wave?

The Guide game scores are represented by a Wave, which indicates how easy or difficult the person experienced the game,  and therefore what Wave of products that person might enjoy: LightExciting, or Epic. One can always choose Vacation, which appeals to anyone at rest or who wants something very simple and easy to use. At the end of the Guide game you're playing, if you wish to shop around at MemoryBeach,  you can indicate what other features you might desire. Those products will appear based on your Wave, and the features you chose.

Why is it useful to register and to keep track of The Guide scores?

If you register on, you can save your Guide score or someone else's Guide score, with the same registration.You can link your Guide scores to your product purchases. Looking over your Guide and order history, you might be better able to predict if you or someone you've purchased something for made a good choice. From time to time, MemoryBeach will be making special offers to our subscribers. Only register on if you want to save your scores and to receive on-going reminders and tips from us. Otherwise, feel free to play The Guide games and to make purchases without registering at all.

Can I take The Guide with someone else?

Yes! We encourage you to play The Guide with someone else, too. On your account, you can also register the names of others who might need your help to complete The Guide games. If you'd like to save others' scores, you can save up to 15 peoples' names to link their scores to your account. Each time you access your account on, you will see all of the saved scores.  If you are a care worker and playing The Guide games with your clients, for example, you and your clients can see how they did over time.

What about data privacy?

We only store your Guide scores at MemoryBeach if you wish us to. We do not share your MemoryBeach Guide scores. If we are engaging in any type of review of our data, it's only to see how well our questions or games are doing. We do not personally identify you by name, but instead substitute an ID for your log in credentials when we look at our data in aggregate.


Here are some questions we might ask when looking at aggregate data (never individual data):


1. Do the questions seem either too hard, or too easy, so that they aren't fun, or, they aren't helping people make good product choices? In other words, maybe we can eliminate those that really don't work for people either way.

2. Do our Guide results truly help people choose products that work for them? When you sign up for LifeGuard support, we will make sure that you enjoy your product(s) to their utmost. If we find that a Guide game misled you to the wrong product, we'll go back and fix our game. It's that simple. 

3. Time to time, we might want to learn about a Guide game or MemoryBeach product in more depth. At MemoryBeach, if we decide to undertake more formal research, we will do the following with our best efforts:

  • Clearly state the purpose of the research. MemoryBeach does not ask for nor wish to receive your private data about your health status or related matters. Our research goals are to get the right products into your hands, with the right expectations as to how easy or how difficult they may be for you to use;
  • Use scientific findings in the fields of psychology, neurology, consumer studies, humor, and business to help us make good product selections and supports for consumers and businesses;
  • Obtain your consent, and make sure you understand the study and its purpose, as well as its limitations;
  • Make no big claims; we are not conducting experimental research under controlled conditions, and we realize that we have the potential for a large margin for error in our results;
  • Use the results to improve how we recommend and support our products for our customers;
  • Offer a fee or discount on MemoryBeach products for your time and feedback;
  • Share the overall results with you, first, before we share them in any kind of public forum;
  • Let you know in advance which public forums for which we might be considering sharing our knowledge; you can decide before you participate if you want to take part;
  • make sure we comply with all human subjects protocols for the Western Independent Review Board (WIRB);
  • Follow up after the research is concluded to make sure that you had only good experiences with participating in providing your opinion and experiences;
  • Submit our study to independent reviewers before and after the research so that we benefit from seeing what others think of our process and conclusions.
Will A MemoryBeach LifeGuard Help if I have memory concerns?

We all have memory concerns from time to time.  If you feel you need more help, please contact your medical provider. LifeGuards are specially-trained individuals, who have access to more general resources for people with questions about memory and health concerns, such as those organizations below whose mission is to provide people with information they need:



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