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About MemoryBeach

"I was raised by mermaids..."

 - Nancy, CEO, Founder



Nancy M. Picard, Ph.D., is a psychologist and entrepreneur. She conceptualized the “idea” behind MemoryBeach in her doctoral program, when she worked with the elderly and people with physical disabilities to understand the psychology of home care support from a caregiver’s perspective.


Nancy is the developer of the MemoryBeach Wave algorthm, which matches an individuals’ working memory score with a proprietary product filter, enabling people to play The Guide games alone or with someone else. MemoryBeach’s research follow the standards set by the Western Independent Review Board (WIRB).  Nancy received her doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her undergraduate degree in English and Communications (Public Relations) from Syracuse University. She is the former head of R & D and former partner at a management consulting firm. Nancy is a Returned US Peace Corps Volunteer (Hungary 90-92), where she taught English, and consulted in the Environmental and Small Business Programs, as well as the US Agency for International Development (USAID).


After a career spent in media, state and federal consulting, and management psychology with Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 firms, Nancy launched MemoryBeach as a minimally viable concept. In the fall of 2018, friends and family helped bring MemoryBeach to life with a successful crowdfunding campaign. In 2019, MemoryBeach Co was chosen as a member of Cohort 9, in Chicaco’s prestigious 1871 Women In Science, Technology and Math (WiSTEM) accellerator.


What is MemoryBeach?

MemoryBeach is a one-stop destination where you find products & services to help you remember things.

Is MemoryBeach a place for people with memory problems?

MemoryBeach is not a problem-focused site, it's a lifestyle site.

Who likes MemoryBeach?

People have lifestyles. MemoryBeach supports those lifestyles, from very active, to resting. Everyone uses little reminders every day - MemoryBeach provides simple reminders and services, as well as different products and more supportive services for people who need a little more help.

What is Cabana & Public Beach pricing?

MemoryBeach tries to make it easier to budget and to remember our pricing. Any item sold for less than $50 is on the Public Beach. Any item $50 or more is in the Cabana. Everyone gets to enjoy different products and their benefits, no matter the price, just like enjoying the beach.


MemoryBeach ships products either via our inventory in Chicago or via our Brand partners. There are times when we need to add inventory, or products are "out of stock" due to their popularity. At those times, we might need some "old school" shipping & delivery patience from you.

What are MemoryBeach Waves?

Waves at MemoryBeach are how we organize our products, from Light Waves and Exciting Waves to Epic Waves, depending on how much the product offers built-in easy of use, or how difficult the product may be to figure out between uses. We also offer many products in our Vacation Wave, when all we want to do is kick back, grab a book, or just rest.

How do I know which Wave to try?

You can guess, or you can play The Guide games. When you play The Guide games, you will receive a score and a Wave recommendation. If you answer a few more questions about your preferences for a particular kind of product, we'll direct you to those categories that match: Wave + Home/Work/Play + Price. With those choices in mind, we can recommend products you or someone else might enjoy.

What do MemoryBeach LifeGuards do?

There are times when you might want a LifeGuard on the beach watching out for you or right beside you for Epic Waves.   LifeGuards provide different levels of product and service support.  LifeGuards provide Social Chat, a service we offer for people who would like to arrange a social call for someone, where our LifeGuards will call and talk about topics of interest with that person in 15-, 30- and 45-minute calls. LifeGuards ensure purchases and navigation goes smoothy on the website. For a monthly subscription fee, they provide reminders of appointments or events.

Does everyone forget things at times?

Yes, we all do, and we all use some form of reminders to help ourselves and each other out. If you have concerns that simple reminders are not enough for your or a loved, one, please voice your concerns about your memory or a loved one's memory with your trusted medical service providers. Memory is a function of your physical system, where you central nervous system interacts with thousands of different systems throughout your entire body to help you remember things, and so to whomever you turn for medical advice should also be hearing your questions about memory. It is likely that they can direct you to psychologists, psychiatrists or other licensed providers who can help you.

Who created MemoryBeach?

MemoryBeach was created initially by Nancy Picard, Ph.D., a business person and psychologist, but has had a great deal of input from many people over time. We seek your feedback through how you interact with the MemoryBeach site and The Guide. You can find more about  MemoryBeach's consumer-friendly design here: The Thinking Behind The Guide.

Does MemoryBeach support people who care for others with memory issues?

Absolutely. We're currently building a special portal for personal care workers and family members who need on-going support, as well as to help them stay on course.

Why would I buy from MemoryBeach?

MemoryBeach provides constant support and reminders on how to use our products, for a small fee. If we already sell a product that has an associated subscription service on memorybeach.com, and you buy it from somewhere else, we still encourage you to buy a subscription to a MemoryBeach LifeGuard to help you remember how to use that product. If we have it on our site, it means we've taken the time to get to know the product pretty well.

Is MemoryBeach international?

It will be soon.

If I have a product I'd like to see sold on MemoryBeach, what do I do?

If you see a product you think would work well for us, or you represent a manufacturer, please contact us.