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 Looking For A Product Classified By How Easy It Is To Use?

We keep it simple: Catch your Wave.



Waves on MemoryBeach

Catch Your Wave
Light Wave
Exciting Wave
Epic Wave

MemoryBeach products are organized in Waves.

Waves indicate how much effort you will need to remember & use the product.

If you'd like to use a product, and think you might forget how to use it, you may want to sign up for a product subscription with a LifeGuard.



These products have certain features that make them easy to remember between uses.



Exciting products require a little more effort, for more pay off!




Epic products require assembly, passwords, knowing how to use the Internet, etc.

They come with 1-Month LifeGuard subscriptions on MemoryBeach.  



No matter what Wave interests you, anything in Vacation is always easy.