Each MemoryBeach Box includes 2 engaging products designed to suit your lifestyle goals and what you need to remember. 


We understand that you have lifestyle goals. What better way to achieve them than to start creating an environment around you that actually has clever solutions to help you remember things. Other items include those things that motivate you to play games, exercise, eat right, and improve your chances of having a great memory – a memory that allows you to do all the things that help you live independently every day.


Memory is more than helpful reminders. It’s also a function of your nutrition. We also include a delicious, nutritious memory snack (please inform us of any allergies such as peanut or wheat when you sign up). We partner with many  different suppliers to choose products that are wholesome, and use ingredients we’ve researched using memory science as a lens for their beneficial effects on memory systems.


Your initial MemoryBeach Box is based on the easiest level to remember: Vacation. There are 3 other levels from which to choose: Light, Exciting & Epic Waves. Each item is classified by how easy it is to remember to use. When we understand your goals, we can recommend different items.


If you’d like to give our Guide games a whirl, you can also get some insight as to the products that might best suit your current needs.


After you receive your MemoryBeach Box, we call you to explain the products, check in, and understand what your next engaging MemoryBeach Boxes could include. 



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