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The Thinking Behind the Guide

Reducing art to science is a non-starter. Reducing humor to science is also a non-starter. When MemoryBeach asks you to play a game, we’re engaging your mind (and perhaps that of someone helping you) to learn something about you, and to allow you to learn something about yourself.



We created The Guide games using working memory research guidelines and awareness.  If you play a Guide game, you'll get a score, and a Wave of products recommendation. At MemoryBeach, we use Waves to make good suggestions to help you remember important things, and to make our LifeGuards always available to lend a helping hand.


We use research to help us design, correct, and explain our Guide games and our Wave recommendations. We allow you to save your information about your purchases and Guide scores in the same account for yourself, and up to 15 other Guide game players, in case you'd like to refer back to that information at any time.


By thinking about what Guide games people like, and what products the games help them to buy and to enjoy, we  hope to create awareness of those products and services that help people remember important things.


At MemoryBeach, we know from our grounding in cognitive science, art, and entertainment, that many things can affect your scores and Wave recommendations.


Imagine you are on your surf board in the water, waiting for the perfect wave to surf. You might let a few pass you by before you hop on your board and surf.


Just like in surfing, you can think you're catching the perfect Wave, and tumble. Or, you can think a Wave might be too challenging, ...yet when you try it out, you enjoy it. If one of our LifeGuards is there to help you, you'll enjoy that Wave even more. Our Guide games are designed to give you some idea of how you are scoring, which also might provide you with a slightly better chance of choosing the right Wave for you.


Probability is the study of chance. When you surf a Wave, or try out a product, you increase the "chance" you'll remember how to use it.


We use the term "chance," because the more times you try something, the "greater" your chances of remembering how to use the product, or remember the lesson, and so on.


In some cases, no matter how hard you try, you still have trouble remembering how to use something, or a particular date or how to arrive at a destination... In that case, you might want to ask a MemoryBeach LifeGuard to help you, using a subscription.


If you sign up for a LifeGuard service to support a product, or remind you of important dates, or even just to chat socially, you know you'll receive help. The more help you receive, the more you increase the "chance" that you'll remember something important.


We offer a LifeGuard subscription service for all of our products, especially our Epic Waves, to help you remember and enjoy how to use a product. This service is particularly helpful if you would like to buy something for someone who might need a little more help than you have time to give, or if you'd like to purchase something that you want to know you can call anyone at any time to help you remember how to use it.


Of course, you can buy anything from any Wave. There are no restrictions on purchasing. For anyone, no matter how they like The Guide or how many questions they might answer correctly, the Vacation Wave exists because sometimes it’s just good to have a high value product that delivers for you with little or no effort.


 Our Mission


At MemoryBeach, we also know that people are reluctant to discuss topics related to memory, except when they feel they need to apologize for forgetting something.


We also understand that people are worried about bothering friends and family to continue to ask, "How do I use this again?!?" Some times, very useful products can be shelved, or set aside, because people cannot remember how to use them.


If you want to receive a Wave recommendation, register at MemoryBeach.com, where you can also send a link to the Guide games to someone via your email. We make it that easy.


Your feedback is important to us to let us know how we can surf, er..., serve you better.


For more information, MemoryBeach will be publishing its results on our blog and with collaboration with others. We'll use math to help us understand the patterns of how people enjoy their reminders, and see if we can find interesting ways to increase the chance that we'll be helpful to you.


Stay tuned. Surf's Up!


Thanks for reading.