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On MemoryBeach, we like the word, "self," because it's a very complex word and concept, used in so many contrasting ways, from praise (selfless), to criticism (selfish), to modern ("selfie"), and hundreds of variations we're too self-conscious to list.


When you shop for your "self," you affirm something. Here we present some journals, art, and other ways to help you think well of yourself, and we'll keep adding, one at a time.


Feel free to give these to items others, as an act of reminding them of their own true worth, or as an extension of your own self-fulfilment.


It's perfectly fine to buy for your own enjoyment... Perhaps you'd like to keep the items you purchase here, and only give away except peace, friendship, and caring... but you know, if you give those away,they'll only come back to you.



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Affirmators Journal

Our Affirmators!™ deck is now a supportive journal that helps you self-help yourself.  ..


Affirminator Cards

Even pessimists like a little positivity   Comedian Suzi Barrett created these inspiratio..