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Why do I lose my concentration when I hear a loud sound?


Imagine you are riding your bike and just pedaling along, or taking a walk, or about to ask someone a question, with a certain amount of energy "waving" through your mind.  A dog barks, a horn beeps, and your waves immediately reset to zero, no matter where they are, and begin again, directing and reflecting how you pay attention.


You have different levels of thinking energy or waves when you're awake, different waves of energy when you're dreaming, and even other waves when you're feeling certain emotions or meditating. These waves of energy are measured in regular cycles of energy "waving" at different speeds per second. We can measure how fast these waves of energy pulse, or flow… when you listen or play music, when you mediate, and when you exercise or play cards. 


Each of the categories of products below help you remember, and use, gear, gadgets and travel items that you bring along to help you remember what to bring along, whatever your game.Hop in your kayak for a different kind of flow; an ionic current awaits.



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7 Day Pill Box

This compact blue pill box sorts and organizes your pills so there's no confusion about the day ..


Affirmators Journal

Our Affirmators!™ deck is now a supportive journal that helps you self-help yourself.  ..


Affirminator Cards

Even pessimists like a little positivity   Comedian Suzi Barrett created these inspiratio..


AM/PM Pill Organizer

The Lewis N. Clark AM/PM pill organizer allows you to pre-plan the dosages you'll need so you wo..


Amazon Echo ($179) & 1-Month LifeGuard Support ($25)

The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker. It connects to your home through your internet connection (..


Arc Short Cable Lightning for Apple Products

The ARC cable was designed to help you charge your devices without needing to bring around your ma..


Arc Short Cable Micro USB

FEATURES The ARC cable was designed to help you charge your devices on the go without needing t..



No need to change your routine.  BOLT is designed to replace your standard wall charger and wil..


Bolt² Pre-Order


BOLT2 combines a backup battery and wall charger to give you the ultimate freedom with your devices...


Carabiner Lightning

Nomad makes useful items that double as device chargers, freeing you from the need to always have a ..


Carabiner MicroUSB

Nomad makes useful items that double as device chargers, freeing you from the need to always have a ..


Coastal_Seas The Day

Coastal_Seas The Day is a design for a Mix & Match Stamp from Three Designing Women.  ..


Compact Car Charger

The compact car charger is the perfect accessory for your car. The short design fits flush with a ..


Deluxe Pill Organizer

This foldable pill organizer can be used whether you’re traveling or you simply want an easy w..


Deluxe Pill Organizer Refills

Never lose a pill again when you use these medication pouches to sort and organize your capsules and..


Floating Waterproof Zip Pouch

Whether you’re headed to the beach, going on your first whitewater rafting trip, or simply nee..


Global Adapter with USB

This all-in-one adapter plug includes multiple configurations and safety features so you can travel ..



Camp, Run, Climb, Hike, Couture?   If you camp, or dress is fancy constumes between photo..


I Donut Care

It fits two people. Now you and bae only have to pack one towel. (Bae= dog, cat, best friend) T..