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The Eiffel Tower Gets Up to 6 Inches Taller On A Hot Day


Steel expands when the weather is hot, and contracts when the weather is cold. The atoms in the steel start to move, and their collective energy pushes them apart, creating height. Some metals expand more than others. Heat energy changes to kinetic energy. 


Some people also sit and stand taller than others. They look more energetic. They even feel more energetic. At work, rather than slumping and therefore communicating non-verbally, you can appear more alert to yourself and others by sitting up, or standing up.   


Rather than have someone constantly tapping you on the shoulder, the items below help your posture. Where you locate your eyes, your spine follows. Your breathing, posture, and spine all benefit, as well as your belief and self-care about looking and feeling good.



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Lumo Lift

Posture & Activity Coach Improve your posture. Counts steps, distance, and calorie..



  Sleek set up in under 30 seconds   Crafted from nearly 1-inch thick (18mm) sust..


Stan1.5 Pre-Order


  Standing Room Only for Laptops, Looking Straight Ahead   Tired of sitti..



  You thought Altas Was Strong? Stan2 Easily Holds Desktops and Laptops up to 27" ..


Raised Laptop (Riser) Stand

A laptop riser that rises to the challenge Made in London's trendy Shoreditch neighborhood..


Laptop Stand

Heads up, Even WIth Your Laptop   Humbleworks's puzzle-piece laptop stand can go with you..